About Hmongstory 40

The year 2015 marked 40 years of the Hmong migration from Laos and Thailand to the United States of America. To commemorate this special anniversary, an exhibition comprised of photographs, stories, fine art, and artifacts was create to showcase the Hmong experience.

Hmongstory 40 is a joint effort from many people from throughout the state of California. It represents a collaborative that shares a common vision. This exhibition provides a rare and intimate opportunity to connect with the Hmong people. From the past to the present, Hmongstory 40 constructed a narrative that was absent within the Hmong community and to the general public at large.

Traditionally, the Hmong are widely know for their customs, traditions, and tapestry arts. There are numerous books, articles, and stories that have been written about the Hmong people. However, there has never been a complete exhibition organized to illustrate a richer perspective that looked into the Hmong experience. With this exhibition, we hope to achieve these objectives:

    • To celebrate and highlight 40 years of accomplishments by Hmong in California and abroad.
    • To recognize and pay tribute to our leaders, parents, and community members.
    • To bridge and connect a new generation of Hmong Americans to the trauma and experiences of refugee settlement endured by their families.
    • To educate the general public about the Hmong and the events that led to the changes in their history.
    • To encourage the importance of cultural and historical documentation and preservation of the Hmong experience for future generations.

Fresno, CA – December 2015
Merced, CA – May 2016
Sacramento, CA – February 2017


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