Thailand Refugee Camps


Beginning in the middle 1970’s, many displaced refugees of the war in Laos began flowing into neighboring Thailand. International Aide and Refugee camps began emerging and many refugee camps became famous and infamous. For more than 20 years, many of these camps were home to generations of Hmong people as they awaited a foster country to immigrate to or just lived with uncertainty.

Most people in general, many do not have a complete picture of geographic layout of the refugee camps. Through this exhibit, we hope to explain through photos, artifacts and informative displays:

  • 1. Identify the locations of as many or all of the Refugee camps
        & how many years each existed
  • 2. Discuss brief history, tragedies & hardships of life in each refugee camp
  • 3. Stories about families torn apart by the camps
  • 4. Leadership, structure and culture that developed while
        living inside a camp
  • 5. Recognize the role of many NGOs or churches and how they helped many
        through this transition
  • 6. The lasting or disappearing effects of the Refugee camps

Presented by Sacramento Team