Laos & The Secret War


Though many Hmong and ethnic people fought in the Secret War, many veterans may not know the geographic layout of Laos and distribution of the Military resources of men and fighting.

Most people in general, also have a misconception or misunderstanding of these facts as well. Example: most believed Hmong defended the Ho Chi Minh trail. Through this exhibit, we hope to explain through photos, artifacts and informative displays:

  • 1. How the Secret War started, was it was a civil war dividing the country
        of Laos
  • 2. Define the 5 military regions of Laos and importance
  • 3. Creation and purpose of Long Cheng base
  • 4. Strategic placement of Hmong Soldiers and fighting
  • 5. Importance role that Hmong soldiers played in the War
        A. Defense of spread of Communism into Thailand
        B. Offset North Vietnamese troops by drawing fire
  • 6. The severe bombing campaign in Laos 500 tons?
  • 7. Stories about Americans who helped the Hmong and touched
        by the Hmong
  • 8. Estimated lives lost and stories of children soldiers
        Why there were child soldiers

Presented by Fresno Team