Tracing back to the first wave of refugees arriving in California until the last refugee camp was closed in 2008, we want to show the immigration and resettlement of Hmong into the golden state California.

We want to show the evolution of Hmong people during their last 30 years in California. Recognize many of their hardships and achievements through this process. Through this exhibit, we hope to explain through photos, artifacts and informative displays:

  • 1. Shifts in cultural and lifestyle during last 30 years
  • 2. Identify cities that became magents and drew many Hmong clans
        and families together throughout the years
  • 3. Passing of Assembly Bill AB78 – passed in 2003
  • 4. Hmong as Farmers in the Central Valley
  • 5. Recognition of Hmong Veterans at California and National Levels
  • 6. Hmong individuals and groups making California History
        ex. General Vang Pao case in Sacramento, his funeral Vang Pao Elementary
        School naming.
  • 7. Success stories in Education, Private Industry & Business
  • 8. Shift in social ecomonics and becoming contributing citizens
  • 9. Set a Positive and inspirational tone for the future generations

Presented by Merced Team